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engine specialists in newport, ky

Whether it’s seasonal maintenance or just trying to get a piece of equipment running, Climaxx Motorsports can handle all your small engine needs.

We service all types of equipment and recreational vehicles from restringing a pull rope to full engine rebuilds. We repair all off-road power sports vehicles such as ATVs, Mules, Gators, Rangers and more.

Visit us at 4724 Mary Ingles Hwy Newport, KY 41076 for your wheels and tires needs. You may also call us at (859) 866-4323 or send us an inquiry today! 

tuning of engine

When you depend on your vehicle

the last thing you want is for your transmission or engine to fail. If they do, however, you can count on quality Jasper parts to get you back on the road quickly. Jasper’s stock replacement engines and transmissions are available through nationwide distribution centers throughout the country, so no matter where your car breaks down, you can count on Jasper to be available locally. Additionally, most Jasper remanufactured engines and transmissions are covered by a 3-year/100,000-mile warranty, so you know you are getting an excellent product that will keep your vehicle running as it should.
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