Lift/Leveling Kit Sales & Install

Are you interested in getting your truck lifted a bit higher?

Suspension lifts are perfect for those looking to give their vehicle a bit more off-road clearance, wanting to add larger aftermarket wheels or if you’re just looking to give your ride a more aggressive look. Regardless of your reason, we’ve got you covered with a large number of lift kits available for a wide range of vehicles.

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If you’re looking for advice

about which type of lift kit would be best for your vehicle, then make an appointment and stop by! Our technicians are seasoned veterans when it comes to lift kit installation, so they will be able to guide you towards which lift kit will be the best fit for your vehicle and your needs. The technicians at Climaxx Motorsports are here to help you make your truck perform while looking the best it can with one of our suspension kits.

Visit us at 4724 Mary Ingles Hwy Newport, KY 41076 for your wheels and tires needs.

Call us at (859) 866-4323 or send us an inquiry today! 

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